Just another Hello World Post

Dear Diary,

I’m not too sure why I’m writing this. I do know why I am writing this, I’m writing this to get better at writing. I sit in front of a computer day in and day out typing away and yet am starting to find my actual written communication has started to suffer.

What I do not know is what my main topic of interest will be. I’m pretty sure this blog is going to be about technical findings to be fair, but I’d also like to share some of the fun side projects too.

Today was filled with a few small wins for me. WordPress just seemed to be working well for me. I had a couple of old projects come back and I was able to jump in and get to work without much digging. Which is awesome.

I just need to finish up this sites homepage, category pages, the works page (Still not sure what I’m going to do with all those old work items, they are pretty dated now..)

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